‘How do you feel?’

A beautiful open question
that starts the conversation.

For anyone easy to ask.

With a variety of possible

‘I feel fine… focused… safe…
relaxed… motivated…’

The answer can be positively
affected by the space you’re in.

That is something we
find highly important.

A space is not only about
what you see.

It's about what you feel.

No distractions or unnecessary

No needless waste
or polluting materials

Just exactly what you need.

Because we want you
to feel fine...





Ideal Projects designs and builds your essential space.

We design and build spaces where you feel what matters. Workplaces with focus and purpose, where visitors are welcomed in comfort and wellbeing. So you can come together and connect. For us, that’s essential.

Interxion office by Ideal Projects

Project design teamwork by Ideal Projects

Space to thrive

We all share space on one planet and, to thrive, we must work together. Reducing our impact is a work-in-progress. In every project, we take a 6-step approach to sustainability, weighing every decision carefully. and we encourage you to challenge us.

Sustainable urban Housing by Ideal Projects

Space to grow

Founded in 2005 by Guido Vinkesteijn, Ideal Projects has grown from pure project management into the full-service creative agency we are today. Along the way, we’ve built expertise at every stage of design and execution. Our process puts ideas and people first, working together as equal partners at every level. In 2013, we expanded our presence to Belgium. Because creating spaces that feel right takes genuine local insight.

Max Havelaar office by Ideal Projects
Max Havelaar office by Ideal Projects and Vitra

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