The process of co-creation

The first thing we want you to feel — even before you move into your new space — is peace of mind. Our proven formula for success is a comprehensive 4-step process. From the very first moment, we bring your team together with ours to understand and co-create your ideal space.

step one - search

Who are you?

It all starts with who you are and what you do. We lead interactive workshops to pinpoint your needs and goals. We challenge your assumptions. We use surveys, inventories and interviews to deepen our understanding. And we bring all this knowledge together in a comprehensive discovery report to ensure we’re perfectly aligned.

Building blocks office interior by Ideal Projects

Interxion office by Ideal Projects

step two - think

What is essential?

Next, we take time to process what we’ve learned. We analyze your brand, your space and your experiences. We create user cases and user journeys. And we put theory into practice to develop a tailormade creative concept — one that responds to your unique needs and reinforces the connection between people and space.

Office concept maquette

Techlab render by Ideal Projects

step three - design

How does it feel?

When the concept is approved, we get down to craftsmanship. Whether it's a workspace, a branded environment, a user experience, or a piece of bespoke furniture, we design with purpose. We design for wellness, quality of life, and sustainability. Our holistic approach ensures custom-tailored solutions for today and tomorrow.

Roche Brussels Office by Ideal Projects acoustic cabinet detail

Max Havelaar office by Ideal Projects and Vitra

step four - build

When is it ready?

Finally, we guide the process of bringing it all to life. We take on construction management from tender to handover and close out. So you have one point of contact at all times. Our turnkey solution isn’t finished until you’re comfortably moved in and satisfied. And our timeframes and budget are guaranteed.

Construction site

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