For the wellbeing of people & planet

A ealthy earth and healthy people

Our mission is to design and build spaces that have a positive impact on both people and planet. We think, design and build aiming to have a positive climate impact. We take a 6-step approach to sustainability, seeing every project as an opportunity to do better.

Selecting materials by Ideal Projects


We design what you need to be comfortable and effective. No more, no less. Minimizing unused space saves materials and reduces energy consumption. Combining this with local sourcing, where we can, we reduce travel and transport emissions along the way.


We make an inventory of what can be reused in its original form in your new space and use that as an ingredients list for the new design. For all that can’t be reused, we work with partners who can provide a new home and a second life.


We aim to repurpose existing products and materials, redesigning them for your new space to fit your changing needs.


By reusing and repurposing, we reduce what needs to be recycled and, when necessary, we work according to harvesting principles instead of demolition.


We work with partners who share our sustainability focus to remove negative influences in the environment. The materials we use in our designs are free of harmful substances based on the precautionary list by Perkins & Will (our IDeA Network partner).


We source new products and materials responsibly — for a healthy environment indoors and out. We are guided by the ideals of zero CO2 and zero waste.

Image of the impact model Image of the impact model

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