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We create spaces in which brands, organisations and people can grow.
We value integrity and professionalism, and we work independently with a healthy dose of humour.


Ideal Projects creates space to grow. Space in which to live and work. This is why we also pay attention to the living environment we all share. We show our commitment by supporting different local charities and societies.

CSR, sustainability, LEED and BREEAM

We think it goes without saying that we should be respectful to the environment and those around us. This is why, with our projects, we don't simply look at the aspects of design and technical construction. By influencing the behaviour of our suppliers and users in the right way, it is possible to make the sustainability of our projects go beyond the surface. We also advise on and help coordinate the LEED and BREEAM certification process for building owners and users.

Reuse of existing properties
Sustainability is at the heart of our core business: many of our projects are focused on making existing properties fit for a new purpose. Either in the same function or a completely new one. For example, take the location for the Qmusic and Millward Brown offices at De Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam. This former factory was given a new lease of life as an office building that meets all the modern requirements.

Sharing inspiration and knowledge
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) means inspiring and sharing knowledge with others. Ambitious clients, and the exchange of expertise within our network keeps us sharp.


A safe and healthy work environment is of crucial importance if employees are to carry out their work properly. Of course, this not only applies to the spaces we design, but also to our suppliers and contractors during construction. This is why we take every precaution necessary to create a safe and healthy work environment during the implementation of projects. Health and safety is more than a certificate on the wall of a company's headquarters. This is why we also ensure individual employees keep their own personal safety in mind.

VCA certification
We also ensure that we are always in compliance with the latest guidelines with respect to health, safety and the environment. Although VCA certification is not compulsory in our industry, Ideal Projects strives to make all our Project Managers VCA-VOL certified.


Integrity and transparency form the foundation for how we work, communicate and collaborate. This goes not only for our own work but for that of others. If we encounter something that resembles false competition or other reproachable practices, we confront people about it, and inform our contractors if necessary.

We seek to offer you the greatest level of assurance throughout the implementation of your project. Because you can never rule out the unexpected, Ideal Projects has professional liability insurance with coverage of up to €1,135,000 per claim and €2,300,000 per policy year. This amount exceeds the legally obliged professional liability insurance cover of €1,250,000. This should offer additional peace of mind on any future partnership with us.

Ideal Projects is insured by:
Jonker-Schotte Assurantiën
The Hague, the Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70-324 22 11

Openness and transparency
We've put our finances in the hands of Amace Financial Support BV, and we are completely open with our tax information.

Amace Financial Support B.V.
The Hague, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70-392 60 00



Sometimes an image can say more than words. These photos summarise our whole process, from the first coffee to the last lick of paint. To us these projects are ideal.

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