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Ideal Projects is a group of people full of IDEA(L)S. We leave the beaten paths with one goal in mind: a working environment that enables organisations, brands and people to outshine. This results in contrary, self-evident and unconventional solutions. Solutions that you initially wouldn't think of at first sight. And that is why they work.

We are not perfect, we are not spotless and we don't agree with everything. Who we are? Idealists, driven, committed and rediculously ambitious to create a working environment with you which brings out the best of your employees.


Inspiring people with their new working space, that's what it's all about for us. Is that also something you want for your organisation?

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The Netherlands: +31 (0)71 562 31 66
Belgium: +32 (0)3 361 46 80

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Sometimes an image can say more than words. These photos summarise our whole process, from the first coffee to the last lick of paint. To us these projects are ideal.

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Dutch address
Ideal Projects bv
Ideal Consult bv
Ideal Solutions bv

Leidseweg 37
2252 LA Voorschoten, Nederland

+31 (0)71 562 31 66

Belgian address
Ideal Projects bv/srl

Borsbeeksebrug 34
BE - 2600 Antwerpen, België 

 +32 (0)3 361 46 80

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