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LOCATION: Schiphol Rijk
DESIGNER: Ideal Projects
CLIENT: Swissport 

The Aspire Lounge is a safe haven where you can relax and enjoy the view with a refreshing drink and a snack. And there are further delights to make your wait fly by. Have a nice chat with a fellow passenger, read an interesting article, or get up to date on the latest news. You could even go for a quick nap or simply treat yourself. Destination: heaven!

2016 - Schiphol Lounge - Ideal Projects - fotografie Valerie Clarysse - 01

The relocation of two business class lounges. Swissport Aspire and British Airways is a part of the joint EC-area project commissioned by Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol. Both lounges were given a completely new location occupying part of the Panorama Terrace at Schipol. Ideal Projects was responsible for the completely new design of the Aspire Lounge. The technical design was drawn up in collaboration with Benthem Crouwel.

2016 - Schiphol Lounge - Ideal Projects - fotografie Valerie Clarysse - 04

The assignment from Swissport Amsterdam had a number of clear guidelines: The new lounge should have at least 200 seats within the given 765 m2 without compromising the feeling of calm, which should be the foundation for the design – quite the challenge! It was also specified that the lounge as a whole should be divisible into three areas, or even more if required.

2016 - Schiphol Lounge - Ideal Projects - fotografie Valerie Clarysse - 16

With the concept of a safe haven as our inspiration, we got to work.
We were looking to create comfort, as well as calm and a degree of intimacy.
Intimacy: bay / enclosed areas
Calm: graduated colours / flowing lines / rounded shapes
Comfort: warmth / atmosphere / colour / soft materials / SPACE


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