LOCATION // Brussels, Anderlecht
SURFACE AREA // 7000sqm
IDEAL PROJECTS // Space Branding, Workplace Concept, Interior Design, Process Management & Project Management
PHOTOGRAPHY // Valerie Clarysse

As Roche’s office in Brussels was in need of renovation, Roche was given the opportunity to create a future-proof workplace for its employees. A place which exudes Roche’s identity and core values.

Roche is a company which uses technology to make an impact on people’s lives. Armed with this starting point and the plans for the building, we launched an extensive series of interviews and workshops, within which the management and all departments were represented. This approach resulted in a number of different design scenarios for the project.


Roche opted for a complete renovation of the existing building, in line with the Swiss company’s high quality standard. We started off with looking at the people and the organisation, followed by the interior and finally the building, which resulted in a design with people as the central focus point.

“The multitude of small offices have made way for a flexible open work area, although separated by acoustic sound walls. This has allowed us to create a quiet workplace with an open atmosphere.” According to Roel Panneels, Procurement Manager at Roche Belgium.


Roche’s office needs to be a healthy workplace which contributes to the employee’s wellbeing. The use of natural materials, the green walls and the large amount of floor space, divided up into areas tailored to people’s needs, without the need to build walls, have contributed to this. We have entered into a collaboration with Stein van Rossem Architects from Brussels for the exterior. This has resulted in the interior and exterior seamlessly linking together. Roche’s new office effectively connects Roche’s qualities, its mission, its culture and its people.


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