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LOCATION: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
DESIGNER: Ideal Projects
CLIENT: Redevco
SURFACE AREA: 1500 m2.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Valerie Clarysse


Redevco, a family business with a history of more than 170 years, is continually on the trail of innovation. But how do you innovate without losing grip on your values, which are so central to the organisation? By embracing traditions and rediscovering them within a modern context. Just like Redevco is doing in the historical city centres where it owns retail property.


Redevco dutch office

Buildings with characteristic old façades are given hyper-modern interiors where the shopping experience of the future is brought to life. Not 'out with the old' but 'old meets new'. The new Redevco office reflects this connection between past and present, between the familiar and the innovative. Combinations of classical forms and modern materials show that Redevco is looking to the future, but never at the expense of the value, history and knowledge it has already established. In this way Redevco is creating new traditions, generation after generation.

Redevco klein 2 gecomprimeerd
RED-AMS_ werkplekconcept plan

The primary consideration for the workspace concept was to make sure it encouraged a coming together of people while at the same time guaranteeing the privacy of the different teams. In keeping with the business of Redevco, the historical city centre was chosen as the inspiration for the plan. An open office space was realised based on a city plan, which was broken up by playfully positioned meeting rooms and meeting spaces that bring the experience of the historical city centre, with its streets and alleyways, to life. Although the entire work floor is connected, the teams work in spaces that have a human scale. Each zone is suitable for groups of 8 to 10 people at the most.

All workspaces are provided with desks that can be individually adjusted electronically. At the touch of a button, a traditional workspace can be transformed into a standing desk. The openness of the space can be adjusted by employees at different points thanks to the facet wall by Bloomming. Every diamond-shaped element can be flipped around such that a completely opaque or semitransparent wall is created.

2016 - IP - Redevco - Fotografie Valerie Clarysse - Deel 1 - 03

The meeting rooms are open and transparent due to their extensive use of glass. Privacy is granted by the graphic print on the glass, which also affords additional depth and atmosphere. Extra attention was paid to the acoustics, with the installation of acoustic panels in certain spaces. The 10cm pivot doors, especially designed for Redevco, serve to acoustically seal off the meeting rooms. The doors also change the visual experience of the space, depending on whether they are open or closed. At one moment they are a door and the next they are a back support for an employee.

2016 - IP - Redevco - Fotografie Valerie Clarysse - Deel 1 - 04
2016 - Redevco door Ideal Projects - fotografie Vlaerie Clarysse - 11

Different types of work and discussion areas have been added to the urban office landscape.
In this way there is always a suitable place to knuckle down and concentrate, to meet with colleagues, to discuss ideas or brainstorm.


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