LOCATION// Amsterdam, the Netherlands
SERVICES// Design and project management
SURFACE AREA// 1,500 m2
PHOTOGRAPHY// Beeldpunt, Valerie Clarysse

Q Music

The factory in Amsterdam where Maple Leaf chewing gum was produced until the summer of 2003, is now buzzing with creativity: under the new name De Kauwgomballenfabriek ('The Gumball Factory'), the former factory complex is now home to a host of mainly creative businesses and institutions. Since 2010, the office and studios of Qmusic have been on the roof of this complex. A custom-built penthouse was built for Qmusic on the roof with a view over the A10. Traffic news is read out with an all-seeing eye on the reality below.

Fotografie Valerie Clarysse - Q-music - Ideal Projects  (14)

Architecture and interior in perfect harmony

Before signing the lease agreement, Qmusic wanted to know exactly what it entailed. And so we carefully examined the plans for the new construction beforehand, and drew up a cost estimate. The new office design is in line with the house style that was already established by the Brussels office. However, the work environment in Amsterdam aligns better with the Dutch working mentality, where Het Nieuwe Werken ('The New Way of Working') has already taken root. Closed offices around the façade of the building were swapped for open spaces. This has the result that the middle of the work floor remains connected to the outside world and interesting views through the office are created. A vertical connection with the work floor was also created. Programme guests, often Dutch celebrities, scale the broad, white wooden staircase. An acoustic music session can begin spontaneously on the stage at the end of the staircase. The distinct form of the lowered ceiling above the enclosed spaces maintains a sense of calm in the rooms: technical fittings are hidden behind a sleek white ceiling. Lit alcoves brighten up the rooms and increase the sense of comfort. At the same time, the ceiling, with its sharp line, reflects the dynamic on the work floor.


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