LOCATION// Amsterdam, the Netherlands
SERVICES// Design and project management
SURFACE AREA// 1,500 m2
PHOTOGRAPHY// Beeldpunt, Valerie Clarysse

Millward Brown is a leading research agency working with its partners to build strong brands in more than 50 countries. The agency asked Ideal Projects to create an inspiring office environment in which two departments are brought together in one space.

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The choice to move to De Kauwgomballenfabriek in 2010 aligned with Millward Brown's new strategy: new management, new location in a developing district of the city, and a new way of working.

Auteursrecht fotografie Valerie Clarysse - Ideal Projec (12)

A clear people flow was designed, keeping the many different guests that Millward Brown receives in mind. The careful positioning of the two volumes influences the circulation of people through the otherwise open work floor. Around the separate volumes, there are spaces with an urban character.


Engagement and communication

A pattern of streets and open squares that offer surprising views and encourage engagement and communication. Different wooden finishes serve to create more depth and urban diversity. Narrow alleys and streets are created which promote sociability. Open workspaces serve as large squares you can pass through anonymously,and there are little corners acting as places you can go to work quietly or make a phone call.


This enables clients, respondents and employees of Millward Brown to reach the desired location in the office without disturbing each other. This separation of the internal flows of people was an important specification for the design.

MB-AMS duplex

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