Eyeworks is one of the five largest production companies for television and film in the world. This creative company had been looking for a location in Amsterdam that was more in line with the culture of the organisation for quite some time. An inspiring environment was found in a monumental property off the Raamplein square, procured by Eyeworks in the summer of 2013.

Authentic, listed property transformed into a modern office

Eyeworks asked Ideal Projects to step in as a delegated developer to oversee the renovation of the property and in order to draw up a feasibility study for new development on the site. The authentic, listed building was transformed into a modern building with large open spaces, including a cinema, recording studio, editing room and underground car park. How do you reconcile a listed building that has limitations with a creative company that doesn't believe in limitations? This was the challenge that characterised the project management for us. From the selection of the architects to the application for the necessary (monument) permits. From managing contractors, to acting as a developer for the expansion of the property. For a total surface area of 7,600 m2.


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