Publiced on 15 january 2018

Ever heard about the FitBit-challenge? 
I know our Ideal Projects team is driven, committed, passionated and extremely ambitious ....... but, this FitBit-challenge proves the ultimate. 


Our Heineken design & project management team bought themselves a FitBit Charge2 wearable and together with the client(!), started a ‘survival of the fittest’ competition, who walked most to stay healthy by walking. Over several weeks now, Vlogs and Apps on our Ideal Projects WhatApps group showed hilaric situations of our colleagues doing crazy ‘walks’ even walking around the table at home, ‘walking on the spot’ while waiting in a store. All to beat the others, with a smile. 
If you just think ‘good for them’, than read this:
Last Friday when our Friday-afternoon drink was about to finish, at the Ideal Projects offices in Voorschoten Bruno and Michiel challenged each other, wanted to beat the other his achievements so far (> 120.000 steps in 4 days, out side of office hours !!) and decided to WALK back home (good idea when you had some Heineken beers), each on his own.
Where they live ? ......... Amsterdam!!!!!! 
After a long night, with over 150 Vlogs and Apps, even stopped and questioned by the police what one was doing: ‘walking back home from our office to Amsterdam’), followed on the foot and supported by all our colleagues (at that time save and warm on their couch at home) these two crazy, but most admirable colleagues, walked through the night, and just did it! WALKING BACK HOME FROM VOORSCHOTEN TO AMSTERDAM, on just an ordinary day, after their Friday afternoon drinks at the office. 
Amazing what an achievement, and what a feeling among the entire team of colleagues around these two Stars. But, the most beautiful resume of the night was to be there for each other - and like Bruno wrote - being aware that these were ‘only’ 40 km, while over the last year, thousands of families have traveled by foot, cross borders on the flee from a war-zone in their home countries.  
This caused a late Christmas Spirit feeling.
Chapeau Bruno Vermeersch and Michiel Zegers


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