Max Havelaar and Oiko Credit // UTRECHT

For the new offices of Max Havelaar and Oiko Credit, we created an office environment in which two companies and their two identities were brought together. Two organisations with a focus on microcredit and fair trade share an open office space.

And an idealistic viewpoint. The idea is that they can share facilities and space and thus require less room. A future-focused initiative in which they can both learn and inspire one another. A nice example of a creative use of space and knowledge sharing. For this project we developed an office branding concept in which the identities of both organisations have space to breathe. The identity of Max Havelaar and Oiko Credit was translated to the space with the use of a lot of pure, unfinished materials, handwritten and drawn elements and an unprecedented freshness and use of green tints. The design was realised together with Vitra using the branding concept as the point of departure.


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Ideal Projects bv/srl

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